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We carry a full line of maple syrup and confections in all sizes. We package predominantly in glass, however, we have plastic containers for shipping.

Maple Butter

Full Flavoured & Delicous

Delicious Maple Butter, Hand Crafted from our Sugar Shack! Cook a variety of fun tasty meals with  maple butter.
Maple Syrup

Rich Flavour & Natrual Amber Colour

Delicious Maple Syrup in a 1L, 500ML or 250ML Glass & Plastic Containers. Available in Golden,  Amber & Dark grades.
Maple Sugar

Light & Perfect For Cooking

Sweet, delicate maple sugar. A delicious treat for any occasion!
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Maple Candy

Decadent, Flavourful Candy

Yummy, sweet maple candy! Served in 5 pieces and 12 pieces bag.