Halladay Maple History

A Family Business With Over 22 Years Of Experience

The Halladay Maple Story

I have had the maple syrup bug since I was a kid. In the springtime we would always attend the Delta Maple Syrup festival as part of a school trip, back then the event was a weeklong festival. It was also doubly exciting as Delta is where my Dad grew up. He told me many stories of local syrup makers and how he trudged through snow knee deep, not sure if that was true or not, but it was his story!

I remember vividly watching all the busses line up to let kids out for a feed of pancakes, followed by a tour of the syrup plant and end the day with a tour of a local maple bush. It was the smell I remember most, fresh pancakes and maple syrup, I will never forget it ! Fast forward 25 years to the year 1997 when we made our first batch in our garage. I was hooked, I had big plans for 1998, cleaning out old trails and marking trees for tapping. Little did I know an ice storm would wipe us out! However, wasn’t about to allow a little ice deter us. After starting over.. we were ready to go for 1999.

Over the last 22 years we made improvements and added taps, always something to improve on in this business. I still and tinkering with the process to save time and money. We added a bunch of confection to the menu, Candy, Sugar and our best seller maple butter! All are single ingredient, nothing but pure maple syrup. It’s a family business, everyone helps in some fashion or another otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

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